Gov Hutchinson Issues Three Executive Orders Today
06/15/2020 04:10 PM

Gov. Hutchinson Issues Three Executive Orders Covering

Workers' Comp, Medical Immunity and Business Liability

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has issued three Executive Orders that he announced during his daily COVID-19 Press Conference this afternoon covering Workers' Compensation Coverage, Medical Immunity and Business Liability.

Below is information on each order:

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

=     Assures workers compensation coverage for employees

=     COVID-19 is considered an occupational disease under the law

=     COVID-19 shall be an exception to prohibition on compensation for ordinary diseases of life.

=     There must be a causal connection between employment and the disease.

=     Extends during the public health emergency.

Medical Immunity

=     Health care workers and providers are authorized to use crisis standards of care to respond to treat COVID-19 patients

=     The health care providers as emergency workers are immune from civil liability

=     Immunity does not extend to willful, reckless or intentional misconduct

=     Immunity is during the public health emergency

Business Liability

=     All businesses and their employees shall be immune from civil liability as a result of exposure to COVID-19

=     Immunity does not apply to willful, reckless or intentional misconduct

=     A presumption that the actions are not willful or reckless if the business owner substantially complies with public health directives

=     Immunity does not extend to workers’ compensation benefits

=     Immunity is effective from today until the emergency is terminated

To see the actual Executive Orders that the Governor issued and signed, click here, here and here.

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